Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last update of the first semester

My project will consist of two walls parallel to each other. One wall will display 6 LCD screens configured together to create a larger frame from 6 individual frames. The blood footage will be edited in such a way that the image will exist as one, interconnected through each LCD screen which will take up one portion of what is seen on the final video image. Together they will show the whole image in its entirety. The video will be edited so that the decomposition of the blood is sped up and there is an evident process of transformation in front of the viewer suggesting life, death and the impermanence of living organisms.

On the opposite walls, light boxes will be featured with images of the macro (universe) superimposed with script. The script is intended to be a poetic manifesto of my own contemplation of my experience watching my blood deteriorate and relating my own personal existence and the universe within me, to the universe as a whole (cosmos). It is intention to evoke ideas of the macro, micro perceptions, and how they mirror each other, as well as bring our attention to the surface level that we experience life as human beings.

The project is called "Interiors Illuminated" because of my contemplation of the micro world that was revealed to me at the naturopath's office. I watched he synchronicity of my cells drop bouncing off each other that paralleled the movement of intergalactic bodies in space. At some point while observing my blood, I could see my own health being described by the naturopath: the scientific use - diagnostic tool.

I decided to use the ideas and images because there is an aesthetic, a sychonicity of movement, a life force, and a randomness that can be compared to the greater picture. There is beauty in the forms of the unseen that has been observed by other artists, and have been explored by artists and scientists alike, both in intuitive disciplines.

I am using artificial light and technology to capture the dynamic motion of the blood as opposed to what we see in still photographs. In viewing the mini-universe of my blood,the aesthetic takes form - there is a certain geometry. As well life at this level mirrors interstellar space of stars and planets governed by the same laws of physics. The fluid in the blood allows cells to move around similarly to how interstellar bodies move in the vacuum of space. Then there are the random "rogues" that can be viewed - I could identify a cluser of bacteria floating by and a nutrifil slowly bouncing across the frame.

Another comparison could be a super nova and cancer. A supernova is a star that reaches a critical mass, and all the energy is depleted. The star explodes and ceases to be. Cancer cells multiply, until they overwhelm the body, and the body ceases to be.

In space, there are those intergalactic events that take place. Stars collide, meteors and asteroids hurdle through space to crash into planets, or other stars, galaxies sometimes merge, and so on.

My project is an extended metaphor of things that happen at the macro level. I am viewing the universe within, the unseen universe of my blood. In doing so, there is light and dark, there is impermanence: life and death. Overall, there is a synchronicity and also a randomness that occurs. I seee it in the sample of blood and it exists in space.

This project attempts to capture these ideas.

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