Thursday, December 6, 2007

December 6, 2007

...Exploring the micro and macro worlds

I am putting together the physical parameters of my grad project. I am attempting to express the processes of life's organisms that includes impermanence, into art, motivated by my experience with the naturopath's visits and technology.

As technologies develop in all aspects of life, including for scientific and medical reasons, I am exploring an organism - the red blood cell - in an artistic realm. The red blood cell has been a subject of inquiry and diagnosis in the medical and biological fields. The idea of this is that in the micro sense, technology has given me an idea to explore the interior of my body. In the macro sense, what are the implications for technology and the body in the future? Another question as an offshoot of this project is: How will art evolve as technology evolves?

This project looks at my red blood cells. This implies the interconnected relationship between artists and scientists. Scientific inquiry and artistic expression. By this imagey to explore the interior of my body is more than red blood cells - it is a visual metaphor for my own biological fragility, life and death.

In framing these ideas within this project, it is called "Interiors Illuminated". Although I am still working out ideas on script, and visual images, that depict my trip to the naturopath, I am becoming clear about the medium of expression I would use - visual images illuminated by light, photography and script in a multi-media installation that features actual footage of my red blood cells.

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