Thursday, November 22, 2007


One influence in the development of my idea for "Interiors Illuminated" began with discussions I had with John Noestheden, artist and Professor at the University of Regina. John's recent collaborative exhibit at the Dunlop Gallery explored the universe beyond the borders of the earth. His interest in astronomy inspires him to look outward into space. His examination of the macro-level of existence triggered my own contemplation of the micro-level of existence. I have chosen to look at my own blood, from a microscopic perspective.

I wish to convey a message that our blood exists as a living inter-dependent part of our body. It is alive, and remains so only for a brief time if removed from our body. My work will convey this message by showing 3 different video images of my blood, arranged on a timeline that shows its activity when first removed, and 2 subsequent video images of it, as it begins to die, and when it ceases to have life. This will effectively convey a metaphor of birth, life and death. In doing so, I am meditating on the impermanence of my own body - that death is connected to birth. Life itself, then, is a manifestation of impermanence.

In my investigations of the images created at a microscopic level, I encountered the commentary of Martin Kemp in his book, "Seen/Unseen". It caused me to contemplate about the fact that we don't ordinarily think of blood at the microscopic level, just like we don't often think of the macro view of existence from the celestial viewpoint.

At some level, this work will represent a self portrait, but from the microscopic viewpoint.

My work will be viewed on 3 video monitors and will be accompanied by an artist's statement.


Each form of artistic mediums presents its own challenges, and intermedia is no different. Recently, at the very time I was to record the 3 stages of the state of my blood, the video camera link to the microscope failed for some unknown reason. The technology is an old one - a VHS system - and it appears there is a mismatch between the monitor, the digital camera, and the VHS system. The digital camea has some intermittent flickering as well.

My attempt this morning (Thursday, November 22) was to try a new connector. This also did not work. Another problem is that I can only work within the time constraints of the naturopath's appointments schedule, and we agreed to look at this again when he is free.

In the meantime, I am making inquiries to a local medical laboratory to get some footage. They will contact me next week.

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